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rapid release flash fiction

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Joshua (2023)

Rapid Release Flash Fiction  AVAILABLE TO OWN

A first year student moves into a cheap housing complex, feeling lucky she's found a place she can afford - until her roommate, a ghost named Joshua, makes her pay for more than rent.


Flash fiction filled with frights and fun: a humble horror.

GENRE: Horror
THEMES: Passing On
CONTENT WARNING: death, loss, profanity, drugs and alcohol

Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook
Available on IngramSpark
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What's a RRFF?

  • a short story - or flash fiction - that's less than 50 pages

  • an eBook AND paperback AND audiobook that's fully formatted, edited, designed, recorded and produced in under two weeks

  • super cheap, seasonally relevant, and only promoted for a few days

  • includes personal notes & thoughts from the author that won't be shared in any other publication - EVER

Ms. Barnfather's books are works of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to persons and/or events is coincidental. The author in no way represents the companies, corporations, brands, or historical figures mentioned in her short stories, novels and book series.


Book design and art by Barnfather Books

Cover model: Marisa Roggeveen

 All rights reserved.

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