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rapid release flash fiction

eBooks $2.99

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Fresh Nutrients: and other stories (2024)

Rapid Release Flash Fiction  AVAILABLE TO OWN

Ben Brown wants to get rid of the hedges at his new house. A woman is taught to play pretend when she's in distress. And a young boy needs closure after the death of his father.

What do these people have in common? They need help. 

Summertime short stories that are hot, heavy, and heartbreaking.


GENRE: Magic Realism, Creature Horror
CONTENT WARNING: violence, death, loss

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Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook
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What's a RRFF?

  • short story collection that's less than 50 pages

  • eBook AND paperback AND audiobook that are formatted, edited, designed, recorded, and produced within three months

  • cheap, seasonally relevant, and only promoted for a few days

Stefanie Barnfather's books are works of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to persons and/or events is coincidental. The author in no way represents the companies, corporations, brands, or historical figures mentioned in her short stories, novels and book series.


Book Design and Art: Barnfather Books 2024

Audiobook Narrator: Caleb Gordon

 All rights reserved.

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