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You Didn't Have To (2023)

Short Story Collection  AVAILABLE TO OWN

This short story collection of alternate reality what-ifs explores dystopian societies where rules are ignored and questionable comedy is the only safe haven.


Prophetic dreams cause comet chaos. Sin Subpoenas are served in the severed heads of predators. A wish-granting gift reveals life changing truths. With positive perspectives inciting edgy empathy, You Didn’t Have To is the squeamish sequel to You Know What I Think?

GENRE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
THEMES: Alternate Realities
CONTENT WARNING: physical intimacy, violence, blood, death, loss, nudity, profanity

Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook*
Available on IngramSpark
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We Call Her Rose (2023)


Collin is clever, calm, and kind; qualities that serve him well living under an oppressive regime. But after he meets Rose - the stunning symbol of the Utopian Shroud - he decides to fight for love while fighting for his life.

As Rose, Collin, and the Utopian Shroud try to stop the tyrannical rule of the Complot, Collin realizes there's more to romantically-ever-after than he thought. If he wants to hold the heart of Rose, Collin has to give up knowing the truth - because Rose's true identity must remain a secret for the Shroud to save Canuckia.

GENRE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance
THEMES: Love, Empowerment
CONTENT WARNING: physical intimacy, profanity, people in inhumane conditions, trauma, violence, blood, military brutality, torture, murder

Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook
Available on IngramSpark
WCHR Book Club Questions
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You Know What I Think? (2022)

Short Story Collection  AVAILABLE TO OWN

Have you ever thought, WHAT would happen IF...?​ Think no more - read instead. 


This collection of thirteen short stories speculates about futuristic realities where the rules don't apply and comedic chaos consumes. Artificially Intelligent Mowers rigidly manage a neighbourhood's lawns. Air Balloon hotties search for love between crosscurrents. A teenaged Pulitzer-winner hunts monsters draped in blankets. With a hint of horror alongside plausible parodies, You Know What I Think? leaves readers with more questions than answers. 

GENRE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure
THEMES: Alternate Reality, Twisted Humour

CONTENT WARNING: violence, blood, murder, death, assault, abusive language, profanity, nudity, dog giving birth, three-person physical intimacy

Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook
Available on IngramSpark
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Book Club Questions YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK?
For the musical playlist that accompanies this book, visit Spotify.
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Ms. Barnfather's books are works of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to persons and/or events is coincidental. The author in no way represents the companies, corporations, brands, or historical figures mentioned in her short stories, novels and book series. Artificial Intelligence technology is not used to write, produce, or publish Ms. Barnfather's books.


Book design and art by Barnfather Books

Cover model: Marisa Roggeveen

 All rights reserved.

*audiobooks are produced by ACX and released 6-12 weeks after eBooks/paperbacks

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