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Have you ever thought, WHAT would happen IF... ? Think no more - read instead.


This collection of thirteen short stories speculates about futuristic realities where the rules don't apply and comedic chaos consumes. Artifically Intelligent Mowers rigidly manage a neighbourhood's lawns. Air Balloon hotties search for love between crosscurrents. A teenaged Pulitzer winnner hunts monsters draped in blankets. 


With a hint of horror alongside plausible paraodies, You Know What I Think? leaves readers with more questions than answers.


YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK? short story collection

SKU: 01
    • 224 pages
    • ranked first on the Calgary Herald's bestselling fiction list in 2023

    GENRE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure
    THEMES: Alternate Reality, Twisted Humour
    CONTENT WARNING: violence, blood, murder, death, assault, abusive language, profanity, nudity, dog giving birth, three-person physical intimacy

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